Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Screen Printing for Asher

A project that has been lots of fun in recent times has been to help my lovely friend Anna to make a wall hanging for her new baby son's room. Inspired by a picture in the great book Prints Charming which I've mentioned before, we set to work to make our own artwork. It's printed on fabric that we then stretched over a canvas. And we are mighty impressed with our results:

And here is their lovely little man Asher, at 5 days old having a lie about on his quilt made with panels screen printed in the same style as the wall hanging. I printed the panels around the time we made the wall hanging (about 2 months ago!) but of course only actually made the quilt once Asher was born. Why does it always happen like this?? I seem to have some wierd psychological issue with making things for babies I know are coming (and I even knew he would be a boy) until after they are born. Maybe I just like working under pressure. Anyway, it's done, and I think he likes it.....

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