Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mosaic Coffee Table

Well here it is - Emma's class mosaic coffee table ready to be sold at the school fundraiser!!

My friend Tracy and I had such fun helping the kids to complete this project, and I think the kids really enjoyed it too. It was lovely to be able to sit with just a couple of kids at a time to potter away sticking on tiles and have a chat. The best response was when the class teacher held up the finished table for everyone to see, and the cries of "wow" and "awesome" were plainly heard. I think they were a bit freaked out when we plopped the dark grey grout on the top of the tiles and spread it all over their picture, but as the picture was gradually revealed when we cleaned the grout away their fears were relieved!

The picture was inspired by another artwork that I came across, combined with the kids' own ideas about what is important to our little - the symbols between each of the people representing these things - moving from left to right the first one is mathematical symbols, then a tree representing the school's commitment to caring for the environment, the heart showing the caring community of our school, musical notes for the important place of music at our school, and lastly a book (maybe this one should be in the centre!) as reading and learning are of course central to school life. "60 years together" is in recognition of the 60th anniversary of our little school, inspired by our school motto "Together is Better".

Anyway, well done 3R, it was great working with you!
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