Friday, April 27, 2012

New things...

Inspired by our success with making our stepping stones last year, I have been keen to do some more mosaic work - especially more traditional mosaic. At school I've been helping Emma's class with a mosaic tabletop for the school's 60th anniversary art auction. Lots of fun - photos will come. IN the meantime at home I've had a little go myself - here is my effort so far - not quite finished with the tiles yet, and obviously not grouted, but I was pretty pleased with the result so far! I think it will end up being a heat pad for the table.

The girls also had fun making some more stepping stones featuring shells that they found on our holiday down south. As above, photos will come - they haven't found homes in the garden yet!

Some time ago I cut out fabric to make a jacket for Miss Lucy - and now that the weather has suddenly turned cold realised I really needed to make it up!  And so i did just that - I'm really pleased with the result, and so, it would appear, is Lucy. I saw the lining fabric which is a fabulous thing called "Lolouthi velveteen" on another blog and thought that I just had to have some. Combined with a fine corduroy I think it makes for one very cute little jacket - that Lucy is going to live in this winter!

It is proving very difficult to get a good picture of Lucy at the moment - she's not much into smiling at the camera, and is much more keen to look at the pictures on the screen than pose for any. Besides that, she's fast these days!
But oh so cute!

I've also been quite intrigued lately by Polish paper cuts with their intricate patterns like this -

 I found some instructions for making them myself  here and gave it a go the other day - the results were amazingly good, and amazingly simple to do. Obviously mine aren't a patch on the professionals, but I like them nonetheless, and am keen to give them a go with the girls.

Well I must get myself off to bed - I have more to say and show, but it will have to wait.... Soccer is far too early tomorrow morning and I have had far too many late nights of late! And I have to locate the field we need to be at before going to sleep otherwise it could get very ugly in the morning!

Easter Holidays

Oh my goodness - I am not doing very well at keeping up to date am I??!! I think I even said that last time I posted. Oh well. Here I am now.

So we've just finished school holidays, so I might put on a few pictures about that first...

We had a lovely break from school and the hectic routine of term time. This year it feels like things have really ramped up with school, pre-school, Early Ed and things that the girls are doing. I've always resisted being really busy with scheduled stuff, but with 4 little ones, I've realised that even without lots of extra stuff just getting through the days and weeks is busy!

The girls and I enjoyed a lovely couple of days down the South Coast at Orient Point with my brother Dave and his family. We had fun bike riding, playing at the beach and even fishing. Jasmine and Madeline caught squid in Jervis Bay which they were particularly pleased about!

Early morning ride

View from the house we stayed in!

Group bike ride!

Honeymoon Bay

Look who caught a squid

2 year old pottering at Currarong Beach
The second week of the holidays was quite wet, but Emma and Jasmine had fun at an Early Ed sibling day where they got to visit the Imax theatre at Darling Harbour. While they were there, Madeline, Lucy and I went to the Aquarium - my first visit! Madeline was obsessed with seeing the sharks, and wasn't interested in looking at much else. There were lots of great lego sculptures around the Aquarium, and even if Maddie didn't appreciate all the other fish (and Lucy was much more interested in eating lunch and then falling asleep in the pram!) I had a great time!

One of the other highlights of the holidays for the girls was being able to stay in their pj's until after lunch - and only then having to get dressed as they were going out. Love that in the holidays!

We've launched back into term 2 - a funny week this week with Anzac Day (aka my birthday!) in the middle - I had a great day - breakfast with friends from church, lunch with my family and dinner with 3 beautiful old friends. Needless to say I was very full of LOTS of yummy food by the end of the day.