Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pasta success!

The last few months my gorgeous Emma and I have had a special time watching Masterchef together. She was pretty happy with the whole scenario - she got to stay up late, have time with me by herself, and watch TV! She has taken quite an interest in cooking - now asks whether dinner is plated up - and seems particularly concerned about the salt and sugar content in the food we eat!

For some time I've been thinking about the fact that most of the cooking I do with the kids has tended to be baking sweet things, and wanting to change that so that they can be more involved in making savoury food - like dinner! In that vein, I decided a little while ago to borrow a pasta machine and have a go making pasta with Emma. It was great! And so yummy! Here we are with our first attempt, I think I'll have to invest in my own pasta machine now....

Of course Madeline and Jasmine needed to be involved in cooking as well - it was a great way to spend a quiet Saturday afternoon. Maddie got in on making Anzac biscuits, and Jasmine made merringues and a Play School inspired "Mishy Mashy Egg Surprise" - looks revolting but she loves it - hard boiled egg, yolk scooped out and mixed with mayonnaise and tomato sauce, then spooned back into the white. Mmmm, tasty. Apparently.

With Jasmine's merringues we ended up making a dessert called an "Eton mess". We just called it a "mess" which the girls thought was a great name for food. Here they are looking very happy with the whole situation!

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