Thursday, September 8, 2011

Oh Starry Starry Night

So who doesn't love a teacher's strike??

With our school closed for the day the girls decided they wanted to have an arty crafty kind of day - which we did and which ended up being just lovely - one of the loveliest days we've had together for a bit.

Early in the morning the girls got busy making their own 'puppet theatre' (of sorts!) which they attached to the television, and then created some little puppets to go along with it. A lot of straws were required! They put on a gorgeous puppet show which was about a dog going for a walk - I think - and some people and other animals he met on the way... I got a bit lost on the way myself.

Emma also made her own puppet theatre and did a 'mime only' performance, which, although a little difficult to follow also, ended with everyone in the play at the park which I got!

With Lucy safely in bed for her lunchtime sleep, we cracked open the paints, and the girls had a go at their own versions of Van Gogh's "Starry Night". They first drew and cut out some buildings and stuck them along the bottom of the page (ours is a bit of a Sydney starry night with the Opera House featuring). Emma was a bit tentative at first, trying to make it all perfect and neat, but something changed at some point and she let go a bit and started to fill the whole page with colour. In the end she was really happy with it and I think it's gorgeous too! For some reason, any time we do painting Jas and Madeline end up doing hand prints pictures, and today was no exception!

Anyway, here's his -

And the girls -

 Emma (7yrs)

 Madeline (nearly 4) - with planets and the sun and moon and stars 

 Jasmine (6 yrs) - lots of "shooting stars"

Emma and I also got to finish off sewing some pyjama pants. They were started some months ago and for some reason we never got to do the hems on the legs. After protesting all her winter pj's are too small/short for her the other day I thought we really had to get onto these. I couldn't believe they'd sat there so long with just the hems to do, but she is now happily wearing them to bed, and those previously exposed ankles are appropriately covered and all snug and warm. Emma did almost all of the sewing herself - I helped with pinning and ironing etc. A great first project if you're after one! She was very happy with the results and wanted to wear them to the park this afternoon - although changed her mind at the last minute.

And now it's only one day until the weekend! I'm hoping to crack out the sewing machine again, but we'll see how we go....

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  1. Hi Liz,
    Enjoying your posts so far!
    That art book looks amazing and I think I'll have to get one. My 8yo particularly loves drawing/painting/sculpting so am always after art/craft ideas to do with the girls (especially in the extra long Tassie summer holidays).